Advance booking for the 2019 season

We are too small an organisation, valuing personal contact with our concertgoers, to have a facility for booking and paying via the internet; we no longer allow booking via e-mail, as this is too risky for concertgoers’ payment card details.

So there are two ways to book ahead for our concerts: initially by post, using a booking form included in our season brochure or downloaded from this website, and (from a later date) by phone.  In every case, you can book only by paying: you cannot reserve tickets and pay for them later.

We mail the new season’s brochure – with a booking form – first to our Patrons, then two weeks later to our Friends.  Each group gains two weeks’ priority in which to book (dates for 2019 below).  We then send the same brochure and form to the rest of our mailing list, in time for general booking to open.

You need a booking form only if you want to book in a priority period or in advance of telephone booking opening.  If so, please make sure we have an up-to-date postal address for you.  For more detail, see our Contact page.

Key dates 2019

Patrons: priority booking opens Tuesday 12 March for two weeks (by post only, using a booking form)

Friends: priority booking opens Tuesday 26 March for two weeks (by post only, using a booking form)

General booking: opens Tuesday 09 April (by post only, using a booking form – if you don’t have a booking form, you will be able to download one here from Friday 7 April)

Telephone booking (for everyone): opens Tuesday 16 April

Click here to access the form for becoming a Patron or a Friend; the PDF file will either open as a new on-screen page or be downloaded to your computer, depending on your own browser settings or preferences.

How to pay

You can book tickets in advance only with a debit or credit card – for preference a debit card, as it costs us less per transaction than a credit card.  [For safeguards about how we use your card data and other personal information, see our About page.]  If you are booking by phone, please have your debit or credit card ready.

There’s no need to provide an SAE if you book by post; instead, we charge £1.50 per transaction (however many tickets you book) for all advance bookings where we post you your tickets.  This goes towards our credit and debit card facility and postage.  If – but only if – you book so late that your tickets might not reliably reach you by second class post, we shall hold these at the church for you to collect; you will not then be charged the extra £1.50.

The Box Office

Marilyn Reeves runs the Box Office, whose phone number is 01728 603077.  If you phone her and she’s unavailable, leave a message and she will ring back; please do not phone before 9.00am or after 6.00pm.

If all you want to do is to book tickets, please phone only on or after 16 April (see Key Dates above): up to that date, you can book only by post, using a booking form.

You can e-mail Marilyn at or write to her at 4 Main Road, Bigsby Corner, Benhall, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1HB.

Ticket availability

Once advance booking opens, this website has up-to-date information on tickets still available for each concert.  Click on the name of an individual concert on the right-hand side-bar; or go to the main Concerts page and activate the drop-down menu under Concerts on the top bar above.  Most top price nave tickets and most middle price chancel and altar tickets for the whole season are sold during priority booking: see our post Any aisle seats in the nave left?  Unless the individual concert page says otherwise, there are still some tickets available at each price, but there may be limited numbers.

If the page for the concert you are hoping to attend says that all tickets are sold, there will nonetheless be a limited number of West End tickets (unnumbered seats, with a restricted view) available on the door: see On a concert day below.

Choosing your ticket

Individual tickets 2019

Prices have not changed from 2018:

Top price £18 (central nave and a small number of side aisle seats)

Middle price £14 (most side aisle seats, all chancel and altar seats and the back row of the central nave)

Lowest price £10 (all others, including West End unnumbered seats).

Season tickets

A season ticket for all concerts in a season offers a significant saving: six tickets for the price of five.  In 2019 this means £90 for top price tickets (£15 a concert), £70 for middle price tickets (just under £12 a concert) and £50 for lowest price tickets (just over £8 a concert).

Prices and location

All top and medium price tickets give a numbered seat or place in a pew or on a chair, as do the small number of lowest price tickets in the central nave and side aisles; but the rear corner seats at the lowest price (individual chairs, but also two pews) are unnumbered, so for these ‘first come, first served’ applies (the church normally opens for concertgoers by 2.30pm).  The four chairs in row K, the last row at the back of the central nave, are usually reserved for those in wheelchairs and their helpers.

Click here for a plan of the church, showing the location of seats at the different prices; the PDF file will either open in a new window or be downloaded to your computer, depending on your own browser settings or preferences.

The church is small enough (its maximum capacity is only 230 concertgoers) that the acoustic is good wherever you sit, but a row of stone pillars between the central nave and each side aisle limits the view from some side and many rear seats.  Most of the central nave and side aisle seats are in wooden pews; most of the chancel, altar and West End seats are individual chairs (many new since 2009).

Children, young people and students

We welcome children aged 5 or over, if accompanied by at least one adult willing to ensure that they are not disruptive.  Those younger are regrettably not allowed, however well-behaved.  Anyone between 5 and 25, or a full-time student with a valid ID card from a university or college, may book an individual or season ticket at half-price.

Spare tickets?

Tickets for our concerts are not normally returnable or refundable.  However, if you have tickets which you cannot use and cannot pass on to a friend, please tell the Box Office on 01728 603077.  As long as we know by, at the latest, the day before a concert, and if we otherwise have no tickets left in your price bracket (or at all), we may be able to sell yours to someone else.

If we can sell your ticket on and you’d then like a refund, we shall organise this, usually by making a credit to the account you used for the original payment.  If you had originally booked a season ticket, your refund for a ticket for one concert would be one sixth of the season ticket price you had paid.  [If you are due for a refund, you could treat this instead as a small gift to support Concerts at Cratfield.]

Lost tickets?

If you know you had tickets for a concert but can no longer find them, please phone the Box Office on 01728 603077; we shall normally be able to have duplicates waiting for you at the church.

On a concert day

By 9.30am on the morning of a concert, the page for that concert on this website will have been updated to reflect the latest position on ticket availability.  You’ll hear a recorded message on the Box Office phone number summarising the same information.

The Box Office won’t usually respond to phone calls on a concert day; but from 2.30pm onwards, you can buy any unsold or returned tickets at the church, paying in cash or by cheque (no card sales).  In each concert interval, you can also buy tickets for remaining concerts in the season.

If you don’t yet have a ticket, or have to pick up tickets, please arrive at the church before 2.45pm.  The Box Office table is just inside the church on the left.