Tickets and mailing list

For everything to do with tickets, or to add or modify your details on our free mailing list, contact Marilyn Reeves at our Box Office:

4 Main Road, Bigsby Corner, Benhall, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1HB

phone 01728 603077

Please call only between 9am and 6pm. If Marilyn is unavailable, you can leave a message: she will call you back.


If you wish to be able to book by post, including in a priority period, we need an up-to-date postal address for you, so that we can send you a season brochure, which includes a booking form. However, you do not need a season brochure if you wish to book once telephone booking has opened; and this website carries much more information – and is often more up-to-date – than our printed season brochure.

To make sure we have your full and up-to-date details on our mailing list, or to be removed from the list, just contact the Box Office. Your details will automatically be removed from our list if you do not book any concert tickets in advance for three successive seasons, though not if you continue to pay a subscription as Friend or Patron.

For more details on how to book tickets, click here.

Patrons and Friends

Patrons and Friends are a vital part of our organisation, providing long term financial support for our concerts. For more details, see the Join us page.


All of the Trustees are active in helping to run Concerts at Cratfield and they are: David Mintz (Chairman), Graham Ingham (Treasurer), Peter Baker (Concert Organiser), Alan McLean (Concert Manager), Kathrin Peters (Front of House), Richard Quarrell (Design & Website), Michael Taylor (Publicity & Venue Manager) and Clare Webb (Membership Secretary).

Performing at Cratfield

If you are interested in performing for us or represent performers, first have a look at the Building a concert season item on our About page, as well as the main Concerts page.  The downloadable PDF of our past concerts will give you a good idea of the sorts of programme we like and of the performer/s we invite to play for us.

You will work out that we do not welcome combinations of instruments for which most of the repertoire has had to be arranged, or where the concert would have a large number of short works; and we have a general rule that every concert should include at least one work by a composer whose name will be familiar to most of our audience.  A recital by a single singer with piano is exceptional; and concerts of baroque or pre-classical repertoire find a place only every two or three years.  A solo recital (even for piano) is also exceptional.

Please also be aware that we plan our seasons at least 18 months ahead, so it may be a while before we can even consider you for a future concert.  And we never normally book any performers unless the Concert Organiser or another Trustee has heard you at a public concert.

You can contact Peter Baker, our present Concert Organiser, by e-mail to