Any aisle seats in the nave left?

IMG_1821General booking is now open, including by phone to Pauline in the Box Office on 01728 603077 (have your credit or debit card ready).  Almost all the top price central nave seats have now been sold for our 2015 season – and aisle seats are always the first to be sold.  In particular, all top price seats for the concerts by the Badke and Cavaleri quartets are now sold (though there is sometimes a chance of last-minute returns which can be resold).

However, there are still plenty of medium price side aisle and chancel seats left for every concert; and if this year you don’t get the seat you want, you can guarantee a better chance next year by becoming a Patron or a Member, as this will give you priority booking, as well as giving valuable support to Concerts at Cratfield, potentially enhanced by Gift Aid.  To download the form, click here.

For more details about booking for Cratfield, click here to go to our Tickets page.




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