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Data protection – and our mailing-list

Every organisation which holds and processes personal data needs to have clear principles and practices.  This is partly to comply with the law, but also to reassure those who deal with it that it is safe to let the organisation have data about them.  Concerts at Cratfield publishes the current version of its Data Protection Statement, reviewed annuallyThe PDF document can be accessed here; it will either open in a new window or be downloaded to your computer, depending on your own browser settings or preferences.

The document summarises the legal background and lists all the different classes of data which we hold, how we use each and the safeguards we have adopted to ensure that the data is accurate, up-to-date, secure and not misused.

If you are a concertgoer, our mailing-list records the contact information you have most recently given us, together with details of tickets you have bought.  Those of you who pay with a debit or credit card for advance bookings also trust us with your card details.  The Statement makes clear that we store any hard copy record (eg your booking form) which could be used to link your name to your card details securely while the season is under way; once the season is over, we destroy this record, plus the card details themselves if they are held separately.